AvtoVAZ will start to equip Lada Granta with automatic transmission in August


Lada Granta.jpg

In August of this year AvtoVAZ will start the serial production of Lada Granta cars with automatic transmission of Japanese company JATCO production. AvtoVAZ is going to produce annually about 80 thousand of Granta cars with automatic transmission. Besides, JATCO discovers the possibility of production organization in the Russian territory, said the president of company, Tachasi Hat. At the present time JATCO delivers its automatic transmissions to AvtoVAZ from Japanese plant. 

As “Finmarket” agency wrote, in March AvtoVAZ assembled the first Granta cars with 4-speed transmissions for tests implementation and in June JATCO presented the Russian office in Togliatti. Totally it will be assembled about 10 thousand of Lada cars with automatic transmission in 2012. 

As it was informed earlier, automatic transmission will add to the price of Lada Granta approximately 30 thousand Roubles. At the present time Granta with the maximum transmission costs 279 thousand Roubles. As representatives of AvtoVAZ remarked, researches show that demand for luxury configurations of Lada with automatic transmission will be high. The next model, which will receive automatic transmission, will be Lada Kalina of the second generation, the sales start of which is planned to be in 2013. 

On opinion of dealers of Lada, about 15% of clients of products of AvtoVAZ are glad to change their cars to cars with automatic transmission. So, the plant could sell up to 100 thousand cars with automatic transmission. But the success of AvtoVAZ will depend first of all on the reliability of such cars and the presence of cheap service. 


19 june 2012, 18:21