What are the most common cars in Siberia?


According to the analytic agency AUTOSTAT, there are almost 5 million passenger cars in the Siberian Federal District (as of January 1st, 2019). At the same time, every fourth car has right-hand drive (1.28 million units in total). Agency experts have made a rating of the most common models in the parc of SFD.

It is led by AvtoVAZ sedan LADA 2106 - 234.5 thousand of "2106" cars are registered in the regions of Siberia. Note that over 40% of these models were released in the Soviet period, i.e. until 1992. Toyota Corolla (202.6 thousand units) occupies the second place in the Siberian Federal District, therewith, 68% of vehicles of this family have the right-hand drive.

Three LADA models are the next in the ranking - 2107 sedan (178,9 thousand units), 4x4 SUV (162,3 thousand units) and 2109 hatchback (88,6 thousand units). In addition to them, TOP-10 of the Siberian parc also included: Toyota Camry (86.6 thousand units), Moskvich (85.3 thousand units), LADA 2105 (82 thousand units), LADA 2101 (78.7 thousand units) and GAZ 3110 (77.9 thousand units).

12 july 2019, 13:55