TOP-10 of used cars with age under 3 years: what do Russians choose?


The most popular used car with age under 3 years old is the Korean model KIA Rio. This is evidenced by the data of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" and the portal "Price Auto". In the five months of 2019, Russians bought 10,075 Rio used cars of 2016–2018. The average price of such a car in good condition starts from 562 thousand rubles.

LADA Granta (9 319 units) car ranks the second by resale of used cars under the age of 3 years. The price tag of it is more democratic - 350 thousand rubles for a car of 2016. The third place is occupied by Hyundai Solaris (8,570 units), with an average price of a three-year car at the same level as Rio - 560 thousand rubles. The fourth place is occupied by LADA Vesta (7,864 units), which at three years of age is estimated at approx. 530 thousand rubles.

The TOP-5 is closed by the large Japanese sedan Toyota Camry (6,496 units), with average price of car of 2016 release year at 1.35 million rubles. The TOP-ten of the most popular cars "under 3 years" old also included: a high-capacity station wagon LADA Largus (5,463 units), a Volkswagen Polo sedan (5,311 units), a three- and five-door SUV LADA 4x4 (3,658 units), LADA sedan Priora (3 561 units) and French crossover Renault Duster (2 979 units).

11 july 2019, 07:49