In 2015, Russia sold 4889 vehicles from Turkey


According to the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", for 10 months of 2015 in Russia it was sold 4889 passenger cars, produced in Turkey. The bulk volume is belonged to single model Toyota Corolla - 4639 units.

The market share of vehicles manufactured in Turkey is 0.5% of the total market. Last year it was a little more - 1.2%. Totally for 2014 in Russia it was sold 28,524 cars.

In addition to the Toyota Corolla from Turkish plants it was also supplied Toyota Verso and Honda Civic.

"If it will be put embargo on vehicles from Turkey, it is unlikely to impact on car buyers. Toyota may redistribute the deliveries of Corolla from other industries. For example, from Japan", - commented Sergey Udalov, executive director of the analytic agency" AUTOSTAT ".

30 november 2015, 15:28