Leasing of used cars becomes more popular


Leasing company Carcade fixed the growing popularity of the leasing program of cars with mileage among its clients - individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. Since the launch of the updated program (II quarter 2015), the company's customers acquired in finance leases about 200 cars and commercial vehicles. Inexpensive transport with high operational resources (all vehicles manufactured before 2012), can be bought by customers in a lease with the first payment from 9% for up to 48 months, informed the press service of Carcade.

As it was noted by the CEO of Carcade, Alexei Smirnov, against the backdrop of a difficult economic situation and the need to reduce costs, the purchase of used cars – is a reasonable choice of many entrepreneurs. Leasing programs of used cars Carcade allows you to get transport at a discount, to allocate optimally the costs and savings on taxes. As noted, at leasing of used cars Carcade Company provides customers with an expanded service package, which includes a variety of auto insurance program, technical assistance on the roads, vehicle registration and unlimited consulting for the whole duration of the contract.

30 november 2015, 15:16