22% of car owners during the crisis started to buy cheaper fuel


In order to save in times of crisis, 22% of the Russian car owners began to refuel with cheaper gasoline. These data were obtained in the course of an online survey conducted in November of 2015 by the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", together with AVITO Auto, which was attended by over 8500 car owners.

At the same time the owners of newer vehicles try to save less by purchasing cheaper fuel (18%), but the owners of cars older than 3 years buy cheaper gasoline oftener - 23%.

A number of survey participants stated that in order to save switched to gas fuel, it was the answer of 2.5% respondents. Also, about 2% of the respondents changed their driving style and try to use less climate control, stove, etc.

Some car owners (just over 1%) began to use an additive to gasoline, as well as they are trying to fill the car on the contrary, with a high-quality fuel, which is leading, ultimately, to save money.

The owners of premium cars use special options, for example, the owner of BMWX3 of 2013 from Tver region noted that in order to save fuel he started to use the mode ECOPRO.

30 november 2015, 15:33