AvtoVAZ intends to return to the market of Ukraine


AvtoVAZ intends to return to the markets of the CIS, including the Ukrainian market, said the company president Bo Andersson at the ceremony of the start of sales of cars LADA Vesta on Tuesday.

"Today, we start, we begin in the Russian Federation. Then the most important thing - is to enter into Kazakhstan, and I hope that we will return to Ukraine ", - the agency "Interfax" quotes the head of AvtoVAZ. – “Then it will be Belarus, Azerbaijan”.

"Our main focus - is to bring back sales in the Russian Federation - Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions. This is our first focus. The second focus - is the CIS", - noted Mr. Andersson.

He also noted that this year an important market for the company is Egypt. "This year we went back to Egypt. In Egypt, it is mainly LADA Granta and 4x4 ", - said the president of AvtoVAZ.

"Exports are important to us but the most right thing – is to do the export properly. In the past, it destroyed our reputation, not improve it. Because if you do not have the correct, proper partner, nothing will help", - said Mr.Andersson.

Earlier, Vice President of AvtoVAZ Sales and Marketing, Denis Petrunin, noted that the company plans to start the export of new models LADA Vesta and XRAY at the beginning of 2016. In addition to the CIS countries, where it is planned to deliver new models of LADA, among the vectors of exports, he outlined European countries such as Italy, Germany and the Middle East. According to the vice-president of AvtoVAZ, the new models LADA Vesta and XRAY will be competitive there.

27 november 2015