World car market rose by 5% in October


World car market in October rose by 5.1% to 7 million 623 thousand cars and light commercial vehicles, and purified from the seasonality annual sales, calculated from the results of last month, reached a record 92 million 431 thousand vehicles. For the first ten months of 2015 sales of cars in the world increased by 1.5% to 73 million 255 thousand units, in accordance with the data read of consulting company LMC Automotive.

World leadership by sales of cars is kept by China, where in October it was sold 2 million 259 thousand cars (+ 12.9%). The increase in demand is due to double reduction of tax for the purchase of new passenger cars with an engine capacity up to 1.6 liters, the share of which in the last month jumped to 69%. The second-largest auto market in the world is America with an index of 1 million 453 thousand vehicles, which is more by 13.7% compared to the last year. In Western Europe, the growth in car sales began to decline slightly - in the last month, it was 2.9% up to 1 million 199 thousand vehicles. It is largely due to the stabilization of demand in the UK car market, which was "in the red" for the first time after more than 3.5 years of continuous growth. The automobile markets of Eastern Europe strengthen the fall - by 21.2% to 310.5 thousand cars at the end of October. Traditionally, the worst result was at the expense of Russia, but the decline in demand was recorded also in Turkey and the Czech Republic. In South America, the local dealers sold 241.6 thousand vehicles, which is less by 29.3% than in October of the last year. Among the world's major car markets it is also worth to mention Japan (372.4 thousand units, -4%), Canada (163.2 thousand units, + 5.1%) and Korea (161.2 thousand units, + 19.2%).

27 november 2015