AvtoVAZ has lowered the forecast of sales in Russia for 2015


AvtoVAZ adjusted sales forecast for the Russian market in 2015 - up to 280 thousand cars LADA, said the vice president of sales and marketing Denis Petrunin.

Close to 280 thousand cars, he said, when he was asked about the sales forecast for the year. According to Mr. Petrunin, it will not be 325,000. Earlier, the president of AvtoVAZ, Bo Andersson, said that the forecast of sales of LADA in Russia was in the fork 275-325 thousand cars against 387.3 thousand cars in 2014.

Mr.Petrunin also reported that November sales of LADA «should be on the level of October, maybe a bit more." According to him, the company is seeing the increased activity and interest of its customers related to future start of sales of LADA Vesta on November 25th, wrote the agency "Finmarket".

"In fact, the decline in the Russian market continued in November. If you look at the market in general, we see that in some regions - Siberia, etc. - the fall is 30%. Some of the cities have 40%. Ural drops significantly, Moscow more stable. The general dynamics of the market in general - November compared to October – shows the decline in average of 10-15%", - said Mr. Petrunin.

As previously reported "AUTOSTAT", in October, AvtoVAZ sold in the Russian market 20592 cars – it is less by 45.5% than a year before. For the first ten months of 2015 Russian dealers sold 224,054 cars LADA, which is less by 30.3% than in the same period of the last year. With a total fall of the Russian car market in January-October by 33.6% the share of LADA has reached 16.9% against 16.1% for the same period of 2014, according to the AEB.

27 november 2015