39% of car owners in the crisis have refused from the daily usage of the vehicle


In order to save in times of crisis 39% of the Russian car owners gave up the daily operation of the vehicle and use it only when necessary. These data were obtained in the course of an online survey conducted in November of 2015 by AA "AUTOSTAT" in conjunction with AVITO Auto, which was attended by over 8500 car owners.

Analysis of the results showed that owners of new cars save less. So, 32% of the owners of new vehicles started to travel less (under three years). Among those who traveled by car over three years old, there were much more of such owners (42%). 

The number of those, who refused from the daily trips in Moscow and St Petersburg, is higher than in Russia as a whole (44% vs. 39%) - apparently, in the capital city it is easier, thanks to the developed transport infrastructure and, in particular, Metro.

Motorists say that they consider more carefully route and they are trying to cover all the right places per one trip (petrol, shop, mother-in-law, etc.).

Among the options to save, which were used by car owners, they also mentioned: they use one at a time riding to work with colleagues; if the family has two cars – then if it’s possible, family members are trying to use only one.

26 november 2015