In 2016, the dealer network LADA will be replenished by 29 new centers


The following year, AvtoVAZ plans to open 29 new dealerships LADA, said Denis Petrunin, the executive vice president of sales and marketing of AvtoVAZ, by speaking at the conference "Autoretail Russia-2015".

Given that the part of the dealership is closed, the network at the end of next year will reach 358 centers. The average number of sales per one dealership is planned at the level of 815 cars per a year. It is planned that the maximum margin for the dealer will reach the level of 11.8%. At present time, the income 10-11,8% have almost a third of the dealers LADA.

Dealer network LADA – is the Russia's largest one among car manufacturers. According to a new report "Dealer network of automakers” of analytic agency" AUTOSTAT ", in 2015 in the dealer network LADA it was recorded 69 dealer contracts and it was signed 38 new ones (totally as of November - 351 dealer centers).

26 november 2015