33% of car owners have refused to buy tires and battery


In order to save in times of crisis, 33% of the Russian car owners have refused to buy new tires and battery in 2015. These data were obtained in the online survey, conducted in November of 2015 by AA "AUTOSTAT" in conjunction with AVITO Auto, which was attended by over 8500 car owners.

32% of owners of foreign cars have postponed the purchase of new tires and battery and among the owners of Russian cars there were more - 39%.

What explains this choice of car owners? For example, the owner of the Hyundai Elantra of 2010 manufacture year from Saratov said that he decided to exploit the battery to full use of its resources. And the owner of the BMW 3 Series of 2014 from Moscow said that he decided to save on the purchase of winter tires, so he acquired not new but used tires for his car.

25 november 2015, 14:20