Due to the transition to the "Euro 5" cars can rise in price by 2%


Russia's transition to the hard environmental standard for engine emission of standards "Euro-5" is scheduled for January 1st, 2016.

According to the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", in the market of new passenger cars it was sold 38% cars that meet the standards of "Euro-5" (as of November 2015); much less of light commercial vehicles - 14.4%, but it is comparable with the volume of trucks (13.5%).

"Now it is sold more of cars that relevant standards" Euro-4 ". It seems to be a little price growth - according to my estimates, no more than 2% of the original cost of the car”, - says the head of analysts department of the agency "AUTOSTAT", Andrew Toptun.- “And it will not affect those 38% of passenger cars (and light commercial vehicles and cargo - Ed.) that already meet the standards "Euro 5".

23 november 2015