More than a thousand of Lada Vesta sedans will go on sale on November 24th


More than a thousand of Lada Vesta cars will go on sale across Russia at 20:00 MSK on November 24th. The agency "Tass" was informed by the press center of AvtoVAZ, by expressing the confidence that the new model will be in demand. According to preliminary data, the price of the model range from 495 to 600 thousand rubles.

"On the first day it will be more than one thousand Vest cars on sale. We are sure that this car will be in demand and sales will be very good, but we do not make public the specific sales forecasts", - said the representative of AvtoVAZ.

According to the company, it is expected that for the first day it will be sold more than predicted in the media of 750 cars. "Sales of Lada Vesta will begin at the same time across the country. The most eastern point of the start of sales - is Krasnoyarsk, so sales will begin on November 25th at midnight of Krasnoyarsk time", - said the press center of AvtoVAZ. Total sales of a new model will start in 59 dealer centers in 24 regions of Russia.

Serial production of Lada Vesta began at the plant Lada Izhevsk on September 25th, 2015. This year we plan to make 5000 Vesta cars, the next year - 70 thousand units.

23 november 2015