LADA Vesta – is the first LADA car, equipped with a multifunction steering wheel


Before the start of sales of LADA Vesta there are 6 days. "Now the steering of LADA cars will be even more comfortable and enjoyable," - say experts of AvtoVAZ, who developed the multifunction steering wheel for the car Vesta, sales of which will start on November 24th. They believe that the use of this multifunctional device will not only increase the comfort and safety of driving, but it assigns automatically LADA Vesta to the category of market leaders in the class B.

Steering column of LADA Vesta has adjustable column height and reach of steering wheel in all configurations. Settings of electric power reduces the complexity of car driving on the road, and a small number of turns of the steering wheel (2.8) makes it easier to maneuver car in tight spaces.

In terms of passive safety there are applied three degrees of protection of the driver from the effects of a frontal impact in the steering wheel of LADA Vesta: folding of upper and lower telescopic steering shaft, the gap between the upper steering column mounting points (programmed destruction).

The control unit of the steering wheel supports the following functions: switch between modes, analogue of key MODE (Radio, USB, SD); the volume and MUTE; - "Off-hook", hang up of the phone when connected by Bluetooth; Switching of audio tracks / radio stations in audio mode; cruise control.

20 november 2015, 15:40