Motorists go to the car wash once every 20 days in average


According to rapid survey conducted in October of 2015 by the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" in conjunction with the service of responses to automobile issues, more than half of Russian car owners (63% of 2.5 thousand respondents) use the services of a car wash. On average, car owners come for this service to a specialized service salon 1 time for 20 days.

Most Active people (13%) do it once a week, almost one in five (22.8%) – do it once every 2 weeks, 37.1% - once a month. Every three months 17.9% of respondents come on carwash, every six months - 5.1%, once per year - 1%.

However, many respondents stated that, by coming to the car wash, they use additional service: 43% of respondents pay extra for polishing of plastic elements of interior by polish, one in four (25%) orders "blackening of tires", almost one in five wants to polish body and to make chemical cleaning (18 and 19%, respectively).

19 november 2015