For 10 months it was sold more than 3000 LADA Largus Cross


At the end of 10 months of 2015 in the Russian market it was sold 32 806 LADA Largus. In particular, according to the "AUTOSTAT", during this time it was sold 3079 of LADA Largus Cross off-road estate cars. In addition, other 5,240 new vans LADA Ladgus have found the owners in January-October.

Recall from the beginning of sales in 2012 it was sold in Russia more than 160 thousand cars LADA Largus: in 2012 - 15.6 thousand units, in 2013 - 63.8 thousand units, in 2014 - 74.3 thousand units.

Serial production of LADA Largus began in April of 2012 and LADA Largus Cross appeared in the market in February of 2015. Currently, 5-seater LADA Largus Cross is offered also at the price from 614.5 thousand Rubles, 7-seater - from 639.5 thousand Rubles.

19 november 2015